You must submit it to Dettol for the control of hygiene management at COP26


You have to hand it over to the hygiene control organizers in a conference space of over 30 football pitches – but as the official hygiene partner of COP26, Dettol is undoubtedly helping delegates and participants to stop the spread of Covid-19.

As the official hygiene partner of COP26, parent company Reckitt conducted an in-depth review of conference plans to identify high traffic areas and high footfall throughout the event.

This work was carried out by a team of virologists, microbiologists and medical scientists, who worked closely with the Cabinet Office and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Almost 20 scientists also dedicated over 1,000 hours of technical support to develop and deliver the COP26 hygiene protocols, covering the two main areas of the COP26 venue – the blue zone (which will house the global delegates) and the green zone (open to the public and the organization of a variety of events for local Glasgow’s, schools and universities).

As part of the Targeted Hygiene Protocol, Dettol selected their favorite products, including antibacterial cleaning sprays for surfaces formulated with active plant-based ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Reckitt’s program includes targeted cleaning interventions, hygiene-focused messaging, and personal disinfection options, aimed at:

  • During the 10 days of the conference, help keep 123 office spaces, 99 large meeting rooms, 745 toilets and 694 sinks clean
  • Cover 12 key areas with a total of 60 different high-risk surfaces identified on site, including entrances and exits, meeting rooms, crew areas, etc.
  • Install over 600 hand sanitizing stations at COP26 venues to promote visitor hygiene, including Wi-Fi enabled Savortex smart stations that monitor usage and alert when refilling is needed
  • Each delegate receives a hygiene kit with a personal face cover, a packet of Dettol biodegradable disinfectant wipes and Dettol hand sanitizer which can be refilled at the hygiene service counter, for additional disinfection measures when they are are moving around Glasgow.
  • Deploy 3 Environmental Health Workers (AHEs) to quantitatively determine hygiene levels through the use of ATP3 tests, allowing Reckitt to refine protocols in real time. 4,800 ATP swab tests will be performed on high contact points for protocol verification during the COP26 event.

By using signage and other communications on scientific protocols in place, Dettol Pro Solutions will help address participant hygiene concerns.

The prestigious event also marks the official launch of Dettol Pro Solutions in the UK market, introduced at a time when 78% of consumers are still concerned about germs and bacteria.

“We are incredibly proud to be the official hygiene partner of COP26 as we embark on one of our biggest projects to date,” said Dr Lisa Ackerley, Director of Medical Engagement and scientist, Hygiene at Reckitt.

“Our work has set a new hygienic standard for live events, designing custom protocols that deliver thousands of germ killing interventions every hour in 12 high-risk areas and 60 surfaces throughout. of the conference. We look forward to a successful COP26 event, providing peace of mind and confidence in hygiene to all participants.

Rahul Kadyan, Executive Vice President of Reckitt’s New Growth Platforms, said: “Following an impactful launch in the US and Australia, we are proud to introduce the Dettol Pro Solutions brand to the UK market. We recognize the growing need to restore consumer confidence in the workplace – as well as in travel, hospitality and leisure spaces, and it’s great to work with reputable partners to help improve hygiene. in their respective sectors.

“We will leverage our expertise in four key areas: tailor-made training and protocols for businesses; effective products that help kill bacteria and viruses; innovative global logistics and service; and leverage the power of our brand to help companies clearly communicate next steps. take to help make their spaces and teams clean and hygienic.

“Our partners are proud to use Dettol Pro Solutions with increased confidence in their hygiene protocols that the initiative aims to provide. ”

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