USPS to slow mail delivery starting Friday


According to USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum, the service changes will not affect about 60 percent of first-class mail and almost all periodicals. Within a local area, the standard delivery time for First Class One Piece Mail will remain two days.

However, mail traveling longer distances will take longer to arrive in some cases, due to increased transit time from the USPS.

“These changes would position us to take advantage of more cost-effective means of transporting first-class parcels by land rather than using expensive air transport, which is also less reliable due to weather, air traffic, travel constraints. availability, competition for space and the addition of transfers involved, ”Frum said.

Many Democrats have called for the ouster of DeJoy, a major GOP donor and former President Donald Trump.

A controversial project

The USPS ‘massive plan, titled “Delivering for America,” promises to make the postal service more competitive and modern, including a new fleet of fuel-efficient delivery vehicles. In March, DeJoy, a holdover from the Trump administration, told reporters at a press briefing that he “takes a holistic view of the organization and aims to elevate our business, our competitiveness and our ability to respond. to the needs of the nation “.

But several senior Democrats have lambasted the plan, with New York’s House Supervisory and Reform Speaker Carolyn Maloney criticizing what she called “an unacceptable move to make mail delivery permanently slower. “, and Virginia Representative Gerry Connolly, who faced DeJoy in the Congressional hearings. , calling it “a draconian plan that guarantees the death spiral of the US Postal Service”.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters said he was concerned the service changes would hurt people “who depend on the Postal Service for prescription drugs, financial records, running their small businesses and more.”

Amid mail slowdowns in the summer of 2020, Democratic lawmakers tied DeJoy to the anti-mail-order rhetoric of then President Trump. The party accused DeJoy of attempting to sabotage the Postal Service just as current President Joe Biden relied on mailed ballots to deliver the White House to him.

In Congressional hearings at the time, DeJoy fought with Democratic lawmakers over slow delivery rates, the 2020 election, and his next 10-year plan.

In February, DeJoy apologized for the slowness of the mail during the peak holiday season, telling the Democratic-controlled House Oversight and Reform Committee that it was “unacceptable.”
Also in February, Biden appointed three people to the agency’s board of governors, a move some lawmakers hoped would eventually lead to DeJoy’s ouster and which kept the administration’s promise to the board and to the agency a priority at the start of its presidency. The trio of candidates said in April at a congressional hearing that they had made no commitments or been pressured into the potential dismissal of DeJoy.

The president cannot dismiss the Postmaster General. Only the Postal Governors Council – which is made up of members appointed by the President and confirmed in the Senate – has the power to do so.

This story has been updated with additional information.

CNN’s Liz Stark contributed to this report.


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