“Today we have responsibilities”: Daunte Wright’s family thanks the community for their support – WCCO


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A familiar sound echoed outside the doors of the Hennepin County Justice Center Thursday afternoon, as the crowd chanted the name “Daunte Wright” with an intensity heard for months now from Brooklyn Center in Minneapolis. It was then followed by a new song that this group prayed to be able to shout that day: Guilty!

Dozens of people reveled in the guilty verdict for Kim Potter, the former police officer who killed Wright and was convicted of two counts of manslaughter. Music, cheers, hugs and a collective sense of relief masked the crowd, only calming down when Wright’s mother joined them.

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“Today we got the responsibility and that’s what we’ve been asking for from the start until today. And it is thanks to all of you who have stood with us, ”said Katie Bryant, Wright’s mother. “Minnesota has shown that the police will not continue to draw their guns instead of their Taser, and we made that possible. “

Wright’s father praised the prosecution’s efforts before expressing gratitude to the mass of people in front of him.

“Love and support is what kept us going. It’s been a lot of nights we thought we couldn’t do it and we read messages and stuff from people, ”said Arbuey Wright.

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After their short press conference, the celebratory sounds resumed with parade-like music and a parade-like protest through the city center.

Protesters in Minneapolis once again reminded them that they were determined to support and that their efforts were far from over.

“We are here and we will continue to push for justice and accountability for all those who are mistreated by the police and unlawfully killed by the police,” partisan Ismael Dore said.


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