This is Dak Prescott’s world, and we just live in it


Dak Prescott is mega. Of course, that’s not news to any Dallas Cowboys fan. And yet, the quarterback continues to impress and do wonders, even at his scale. Admittedly, the 28-year-old would experience some sort of six-game setback in 2021.

Law? Nope. The only thing that betrayed Prescott at Gillette Stadium was his calf and, perhaps, the referees’ sanity. Let’s face it here: Prescott did more than just beat the New England Patriots, on home turf no less.

He defeated the stadium, the fans and the men in black and white stripes. Heck, Prescott is playing so well he was able to defeat his head coach who made up a variety of puzzles. On that note, he even beat the other head coach, Bill Belichick, who many consider to be the greatest mastermind of all minds. Talk about common sense!

Dallas Cowboys: True Detective

The real topic here is none other than the American team quarterback. It really is his year. This is his world now, and we are all only able witnesses. And yes, I know the people, we still have a long season ahead of us! I understand. The schedule hasn’t even moved to November yet and I want to anoint this guy next to the MVP symbol. The nerve here, let me tell you!

Let’s go back to the date before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. I don’t know about you, but wasn’t the quarterback supposed to be sidelined with a shoulder injury? The Cowboys even had the quarterback on a number of shots, which we’ve all witnessed for Hard knocks on HBO.

And yet the quarterback opened the NFL with 403 passing yards, or 42 of 58, with three touchdowns from an interception. He lost to Tom Brady by two points, a quarterback many consider the greatest to ever play.

Dallas Cowboys: Legends of the Fall

Well, too bad for any apparent rust caused by the terrible leg injury of 2020. I mean, where was the deposit? Wasn’t Dak Prescott supposed to take a step back to gain two steps forward Somehow, the Fourth Round overcame rationality and created its universe of rules. Dak has not gone back to the past. It really is the mantra of “Dak to the Future”.

In 2020, Prescott finished year 2-3 as a starter. Dallas’ defense looked like vomit. Prescott was the bright light that propelled the Cowboys name into football relevance. At the time, many considered him a true MVP contender.

Dallas Cowboys: MVP or not MVP, that is the question

Dak Prescott’s 2020 stats in five games? He completed 151 passes on 222 attempts, 1,856 passing yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions. He posted a 99.6 quarterback rating, making 68% of his throws. Plus, he ran 18 times for 93 yards and three scores.

Dak Prescott’s statistics for 2021 in six games? He completed 158 passes on 216 attempts, 1,813 passing yards, 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. He had a quarterback score of 115.0, completing 73.1% of his throws.

Sometimes it is enough to sit down and shake your head. How can a player be so badly injured one year only to come back the next year with a better version of himself? Dak Prescott blurred the lines of reality and fantasy. He has magic. There is no denying its great wonder. Again, this is his world. We are just lucky to be witnesses. Enjoy the scenery.

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