The World Needs a Jim Carrey Legacy Sequel


Surely Carrey is right to hold on for the right ground. A Mask the sequel should avoid feeling like a tired rehearsal, a la Dumb and Dumber Toso it’s going to need an ambitious director who can really lean into Tex Avery’s cartoon-inspired madness or bring something unique to the table like Edge City’s New Jack Swing-influenced feel in the original. As long as they rely on the best practical effect of the 90s, Carrey’s rubbery mug, they should be fine.

Ace Ventura

A pet detective seemed like a silly idea in 1994, but in a society that has dog shops, pet bakeries, and takes animal rights more seriously than ever, Ace seems to fit in pretty well. these days. Legacy sequels usually find their protagonist down on their luck when we catch up with them in the future, but a Ace Ventura sequel could find the pet sleuth in high demand and celebrity status in his own right.

A high-profile case involving Instagram’s famous pets might be a modern hook, but as social media shows, cute animal content of any kind will get the job done. Until Ace finds out he has a long-lost child, this thing pretty much sells out. Plus, it would be nice if Ace starred in a movie that wasn’t horribly transphobic or racist!

cable guy

Whereas cable guy didn’t exactly set the world on fire when it was released in 1996, its darker tone and central themes proved ahead of its time, and now the film is considered a cult classic. This does not necessarily meet the established criteria of this article, but cable guy feels very relevant to our current content-filled moment. Carrey’s character, Chip, was a child raised by his television, who as an adult was unable to distinguish reality from television examples of what life and relationships were meant to look like. Chip’s obsession with the media and tendency to fall into parasocial relationships seems very relevant in an age of the internet full of Stan culture and fabricated realities posted on social media.

Chip was oddly prescient when he predicted how our TVs, computers, and phones would all be connected, so how would he now make all of his predictions come to fruition? There is definitely something to explore. Plus, anyone who’s watched Apple TV+ Breakup this year saw director Ben Stiller perform at the top of his game. Perhaps this could be an example of the star and director returning to expand on their original creation.

The Truman Show

Perhaps the Carrey film best suited for a sequel, The Truman Show ended on a tantalizing note with Truman Burbank escaping his mock Seahaven existence after discovering his whole life had been a meticulously produced 24/7 reality show. in a real world that is not adapted to its existence? How would he handle life being one of the most famous people on the planet, in a world where he could now see the cameras watching him? Catching up with Truman is a tantalizing prospect. Reality TV has gone so much further since 1998, and now with social media we can all be the stars of our own Truman Show.


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