The Wildcats start to understand on the offensive side | Community


Maddie Thomas had 18 points, four steals and 12 rebounds for the team-high Wildcats. Hannah Cozad finished with eight points, four rebounds, one assist and two steals.

Later in the week, the Wildcats returned home for a game against Omaha Concordia. In this contest, Cedar Bluffs ended up losing 46-23.

The two quarterbacks that hurt the Wildcats the most in the game were the first and fourth. They were outscored 11-3 in the opening period, then 13-5 in the final quarter.

In the second and third quarters, Cedar Bluffs were right with the Mustangs. They ended up scoring eight in the second against 11 for Concordia, then in the third the Wildcats had seven while the Mustangs scored 11 again.

According to Dunker, his team is moving in the right direction. This is especially true on the defensive side of the ball.

“We played a very strong game defensively and we are able to take a bit of what they wanted to do away from them,” Dunker said. “We struggled to bounce back at times which allowed them more possessions which led to some easy points. We need to improve our handling of the ball and be prepared for the physical nature of the game. ”

Hannah Cozad and Elley Headid finished ahead of Cedar Bluffs with seven points. Elly Campbell and Thomas had four points each, while Shelby Samek finished with two.


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