Teens get hands-on experience in video production


Students in our community can now learn what goes into video production through a new program offered by our recreation department.

The Teen Communication Program is based at the Frank Johnson Recreation Center and is open to all grades 6and at 12and ranks, even if they have no prior equipment or experience. They will be able to learn how to shoot and edit videos, know the aesthetic elements of content creation, create content for different platforms, write scripts, different layouts and planning, etc. They also learn about the hardware involved in content creation, from cameras and microphones to software used for editing.

“We want to teach the younger generation about the latest technologies and how to use them beyond social media,” said program coordinator Ja’Cory Bazell. “We don’t just teach them cool tech stuff. We give them real work experience that they can put on a resume before they graduate from high school.

“It’s really great if I want to make a real career out of it,” Deandre McKinney said. “I think that’s something I’ll be very grateful for later.”

Students currently in the program have previous experience filming, editing, and covering Southwest High School basketball games.

If you would like to register your teen, email Ja’Cory Bazell at jbazell@maconbibb.us.


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