SKT introduces new AI service “A.”

Courtesy of SKT

SK Telecom (SKT) today announced the launch of an artificial intelligence service named “A”. in open beta for Android on One Store and Google Play.

To help customers use their time for more useful activities, “A.” manages many different tasks on customers’ smartphones and recommends/plays music or videos that match their preferences. In short, ‘A.’ is a time-saving service that smartly does the work for customers.

Built with advanced natural language processing and sentiment analysis technologies, “A.” allows customers to create and enjoy communication with an AI character that understands them well.

The key AI technology applied to “A.” naturally combines daily conversations based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) with the management of specific tasks requested by customers. While having a free conversation with “A.”, customers can naturally transition into a task-oriented dialogue.

Currently in open beta, “A.” still has room for improvement. It is expected to become smarter and more useful through customer feedback and constant self-learning.

After installing the ‘A.’ app, users can create and customize an AI character that reflects their personality; and communicate with the character through chat or SMS, and request various information.

Through seamless interconnection with apps such as FLO (music), Wavve (OTT), T Map (navigation), T World and T Membership, “A.” makes it easy for customers to use a long list of services with their TID.

T ID is an integrated login ID that allows customers to use various SKT services with a single ID.

Customers can also send text messages, make phone calls, set alarms, manage schedules, and view daily information such as weather, news, and stock quotes.

The open beta service of “A.” will initially be available to Android smartphone users, regardless of their mobile carrier, and all app services will be provided free of charge. SKT is currently working on “A.” for iOS and plans to launch the service as soon as possible.

In the second half of this year, SKT plans to add new features to “A.” including “My TV” and games. Other features such as English learning, photo management and concierge/expert will also be added in the future. SKT also plans to expand the functionality of “A.” through partnerships with other companies.

“We created ‘A.’ as a way to bring customers the benefits of warm, human-centric technologies in the age of AI,” said Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT. “In the future, we expect ‘HAS.’ to constantly grow and become a more valuable service with the active participation of customers.

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