SC Department of Health and Human Services extends Medicaid coverage to newly pregnant women


COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) – The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday the expansion of Medicaid coverage for new mothers and pregnant women.

The new extension extends coverage from 60 days to 12 months postpartum for new mothers and pregnant women and includes all benefits for women who qualify for Medicaid because they are pregnant.

The South Carolina Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Review Board reports that 80% of pregnancy-related deaths occur between birth and one year postpartum. They say 14% of these deaths occur after six weeks postpartum.

“Establishing continued health care coverage during a new mother’s first year postpartum is critical to supporting strong family foundations,” said SCDHHS Director Robby Kerr. “In South Carolina, 14% of pregnancy-related deaths occur between six weeks and a year after delivery. This policy change will allow for health monitoring and coordination of necessary care as providers consider the extension of their care plans. As health care coverage payer for 60% of births in South Carolina, SCDHHS is well positioned to use this targeted investment in the traditional Medicaid population to help improve the state’s maternal mortality rate. and support the healthiest possible start to life for South Carolina. younger citizens.

The agency says it has been pushing to expand benefits coverage since 2019 through its Healthy Connections community engagement initiative.

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