Sacramento shoppers buy local to support black-owned businesses this Black Friday


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The latest Census Bureau data shows black-owned businesses in the country have grossed nearly $ 134 billion a year.

But it is also true that these operations suffered more than others during the pandemic, with 41% of them closed. By comparison, about 17% of white-run businesses have been shut down.

On Black Friday, efforts are being made to focus the shopping vacations on certain businesses to ensure they survive. Some shoppers have decided to buy in their community instead of going to a mall.

“Well, we have to keep going (the stores), right?” Said client Dorothy Washington.

Maintaining black businesses for the long haul was the raison d’être of the manufacturers market along Florin Road.

“It’s better to support small businesses and local black businesses, keep the money and keep going instead of supporting big brands,” buyer Kayla Walton told FOX40.

Amatula Jacobs and her husband specialize in fulfilling new customer wishes like more pockets in women’s clothing, old world African dresses and mud cloth dresses from Mali. Their leather, bone and traditional designs have found customers all over the world, but there is also something special locally.

“The energy, the energy, the energy, so much beautiful energy here, and we’re really, really happy to be a part of that market,” Jacobs said.

Anna O’Brien is exactly the kind of client they rely on to keep their businesses in the dark.

“(The gifts) went well. My friends were really happy with what they got, and in fact some came with me this year to get their own freebies, ”said O’Brien.

Amatula Designs will be open again on Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. at 2251 Florin Road.

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