noc: “Even the banks insist on getting loans from Hsg Soc Noc” | Bombay News

Mumbai: State Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad who is the NCP MP for Mumbra said all a flat owner needs from a housing company when selling a flat is a certificate waiting without contribution.
“Over a period of time, this has led to all sorts of conditions being imposed, which divide society,” he said. The NCP Mumbra MLA was speaking out against hardening prejudice – the recent ban on the sale/consumption of meat during Navratri being an example.
In 2014, the State Cooperative Department issued housing regulations, where it is explicitly stated that no NOC is required to rent or sell an apartment. Farewell the law no. 38 of the rules of the cooperative housing society states that for the sale and purchase of an apartment, the NOC of the society is not required while the bye law no. 43 stipulates that the NOC of the company is not obliged to sublet the apartment. The application texts also stipulate that if a person needs the NOC, it must be issued within 30 days.
Ramesh Prabhu, President of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association, said as a due diligence, it is always advisable to take a NOC from the society to avoid any future hassles. “The NOC is required if there is a problem such as pending contributions, a dispute between heirs or the property has been seized by the tax department, etc. Even banks are insisting on NOC for home loans because society would be aware of these issues,” he said.
Prabhu said getting an order from the Deputy Registrar in case a company refuses to give an NOC is a time consuming process. “If the government is serious about ending this discrimination and harassment, it must issue a government resolution making failure to issue a NOC a recognizable offence,” he said.

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