Microsoft and UTS Launch New Graduate Certificate

Microsoft and UTS Launch New Graduate Certificate

Microsoft and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) announced an innovative new course designed to help individuals build high-value careers and enable more organizations to harness the power of business applications.

As we move towards an increasingly augmented workforce where humans work alongside evolving technologies, there is an increasing focus on human-centric skills like creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Implementation was co-designed by Microsoft and UTS in partnership with leading service companies Avanade and EY to merge these skills with technology skills and fill a gap growing in the business and technology consulting market. It was created to give students from a wide range of backgrounds the skills to become Microsoft Dynamics 365 functional consultants.

Available to learners from a wide variety of backgrounds, the course will start in October 2022 and aims to produce 1200 graduates over the next two years. It will be delivered online and will take eight to 10 months on a part-time basis, allowing students to work while studying.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Implementation comprises six subjects that equip participants with the business, human-centric, and technical skills necessary to work as functional consultants in the partner ecosystem of Microsoft or its customers. It also focuses on real-world case studies and implementation practices provided by Avanade and EY to help prepare students to enter the tech workforce.

The fully accredited course is designed to accommodate participants from a variety of learning backgrounds and may include recognition of related prior education and experience. Qualifying participants are eligible for financial assistance from the Australian Government.

According to International Data Corporation, spending on enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and software-as-a-service low-code solutions is expected to reach A$6.7 billion in Australia and in New Zealand by 2024, with an average growth of 19% annually. However, the biggest challenge for companies looking to deploy these apps is the lack of talent, with around 286,000 additional skilled tech workers needed over the next two years according to the Tech Council of Australia.

“At UTS, we understand the importance of lifelong learning and the benefit of partnering with leading companies to co-design training courses that have real value and fulfill the current and future skills gaps,” said Glenn Wightwick, Deputy Vice-Chancellor. business at UTS.

“The Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Implementation is a perfect example. Not only does it equip students with the skills to take advantage of a huge opportunity in the market, but it also brings together the expertise of our world-class educators at UTS in their Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the UTS Business School, the advanced technologies of Microsoft and the valuable real-world experiences of EY and Avanade.

“We at UTS are proud to launch this course and excited to welcome the first cohort of students in October,” said Wightwick.

Applications for the first cohort of the Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting and Technology Implementation are now open. Click on here for more information.

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