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NEW YORK, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – renames itself Homefield IT to better reflect its current role as a large-scale strategic technology partner for businesses of all sizes across United States.

While nothing from an operations perspective will change (Homefield IT will continue to provide enterprise-grade technology solutions for all of its customers without disruption), there will be a modern, fun and stylish look for the new website and image. brand, found on – and on all their different platforms.

Known as the Swiss Army Knife of Business Computing, the ever-evolving Homefield IT provides world-class technology solutions that help organizations streamline their operations to grow and gain competitive advantage, all for a monthly fee. fixed.

“Throughout the history of the company, our team has acquired unmatched knowledge and subject matter expertise in various cloud-driven technologies across all industries and verticals through our comprehensive managed services for the SME ”, declared Alexandre stavdal, Vice President of Strategy, Homefield IT. “Over the past few years, we’ve leveraged this real-world expertise to augment the existing IT staff of mid-sized and enterprise companies with our specialized skills to bring tremendous value to those organizations. This rebranding was the next logical step in ensuring that our messaging efforts align with the highly strategic alignment we have with businesses of all sizes. ”

Homefield IT is designed to provide cutting edge technology solutions with the most incredible customer service a customer can ever receive. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise as well as our customer service. A multi-award-winning technology partner to hundreds of companies, Homefield IT’s value is not measured in the time spent implementing the technology, but rather in how it helps customers leverage technology to achieve their stated business goals.

Homefield IT has a long history of industry firsts. These include being the first MSP to introduce a contractless service model for monthly managed IT services. It was also the first to introduce a fixed monthly fee for managed IT services, giving customers full IT support with no surprises or hidden costs or fees. Additionally, while other companies in the industry offered support on an hourly basis, Homefield IT disrupted the industry by providing unlimited support on a monthly basis.

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Homefield IT (formerly LLC) is an award-winning full-service technology partner for businesses across United States. The company specializes in managed IT services, including industry-leading cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions to help businesses increase productivity, protect against cyber attacks, and drive growth through effective use of technology. Recognized in the industry for world-class customer service and 24/7 uptime, Homefield IT offers businesses the breadth and depth of sophisticated IT service for a single monthly subscription with no contracts. The company’s innovative technology solutions and IT experts continue to create lasting value for its customers through various strategies and initiatives designed to propel organizations into the future.

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