Leverage Takeda Service Management to improve IT performance metrics

The other essential aspect in service management is performance indicators or KPIs. At Takeda, we divide the performance indicator into two KPI classes. The first is the measure of value, and it mainly refers to what the customer would value from the service. And then we also have volume metrics which are used more by our organization to more or less provide customers with the precise number of resources to be able to perform the type of service one likes.

Obstacles encountered in managing IT services
The main problem we face in service management is to define the right KPIs. Most of the time, organizations do not involve the end user in defining value management, but at Takeda, we research the needs of our customers and define our services according to their requirements, thus affecting customers end in the process.

“Think big, start small, then grow fast.”

Look forward

Service management has been around for a long time and will continue to evolve. New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can also help predict the number of resources that need to be leveraged to provide a service and even predict an outcome based on the information you have received. We therefore believe that service management could be constantly evolving as we can apply automation to measure overall service performance. We try to make every service much more accessible, right from the start, making it more self-centric and ensuring that the customer can invoke the service anytime, anywhere.

Advice for future professionals
A little advice to aspirants who are thinking of getting into the IT discipline might be – less is more. It is better to start small, think big, and then scale quickly. So it is much more important to create a few services and create a good brand. A great brand with better service will make your company recognizable among business leaders, and better customer relationships will ultimately help your KPIs.


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