Less rain makes it difficult to meet water needs


Islamabad: The decrease in rains during the current winter season has forced the civic agency to develop a water management plan to meet the capital’s water needs.

According to the details, a comprehensive and consolidated strategy has been drawn up to overcome the water shortage during the current winter season and ensure an uninterrupted supply of water in the federal capital. The water supply wing of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is now trying to efficiently use its human resources to further improve and modernize the water supply system to meet the needs of residents.

As part of the water management plan, 50% less water is taken from dams to extend water use.

Various teams monitor residential and commercial areas to stop water misuse. They also imposed fines on people who were found involved in violating orders issued to ensure the proper use of water in the city.

The rainfall report remains very low in December due to climate change, which has reduced the water level in the dams as well as the groundwater table. The rains recharge the water table and increase the availability of groundwater.

According to the CDA Water Management Wing, water storage at the Simly and Khanpur dams is low due to below-normal rains this year.

“Therefore, the public is urged to be careful in the use of water, especially in the car, washing floors and gardening,” he said.

He said: “If anyone is seen wasting water, immediately notify them on the water management hotline 0333-7775444. Our staff members will arrive immediately on site and take strict measures. Heavy fines will also be imposed in accordance with the rules and regulations. “


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