Job: IT Department Supervisor/Head at Stresert Services Limited


Key skills: networking, Edu-Tech computer analysis, PC support, web development and cybersecurity

Reporting to: Chairman and CEO
Directly supervising: director, nursery and primary school; Assistant Principal, Secondary School, all academic and administrative staff of Grenville Schools.


The role is responsible for overseeing the IT Services department, including but not limited to the following:

  • Respond in an optimistic and strategic way to the evolution of the ICT education sector by providing advice to the management for the improvement of the ICT infrastructure;
  • Contribute to the ICT strategy group of the Digital School;
  • Investigate and implement ICT hardware, software and infrastructure, in consultation with management, that is sustainable and appropriate to the needs of the school community and consistent with the school’s ICT strategic plan;
  • Design, document and maintain ICT policies and procedures that ensure operational (business) continuity and compliance with relevant requirements;
  • Manage and optimize administrative systems – School information (third party services like Seesaw, web portals and LMS), security, printers, backup, analysis and communication;
  • Maintain a 1:1 technology program of managed endpoints for middle and high school staff and students and a technology program that meets the needs of undergraduate staff and students;
  • Implement and manage school ICT infrastructure and systems within approved budget and resource allocations;
  • Lead an environment in which high quality services are provided to school staff, students, parents and volunteers;
  • Manage the appointment and relationship of strategic partnerships with ICT hardware, software and service providers;
  • Coordinate security and risk management for information managed by and on behalf of the School;
  • Apply a management framework to IT service projects;
  • Supervise IT staff;
  • Maintain a leadership position in the sector’s ICT activities;
  • Initiate and access appropriate professional development for the IT team;
  • Communicate with staff, students and parents on any ICT issues that need to be addressed.

The IT Manager is responsible for the following administrative tasks, but not limited to:

  • Develop and present the budget needs and expenditures of the IT services department to management;
  • Manage the allocation and monitoring of ICT resources and prepare appropriate timely reports;
  • Manage third-party vendors to arrange warranty and repairs for ICT equipment, negotiate resolutions as needed;
  • Undertake high-level planning and/or implementation of policies and programs relating to operating systems, storage and networks;
  • Coach IT staff, prioritize work to achieve results, monitor workloads, review project progress and provide feedback to staff as needed.


  • Min of B.Sc. in Computer Science or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience
  • Experience in academia is an added advantage

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