How to activate the new task manager in Windows 11


Yesterday, Microsoft released Build 22538 for testers in the Dev Channel, which made some minor UI changes. But that included something else the ad didn’t mention, there’s a new task manager in Windows 11.

Users asked the Redmond company to update the design of the tool, to be in line with the rest of the theme of the operating system. And it looks like we’re finally getting that.

fire cube studios share a screenshot showing the new program interface. The app has a slick design, although it doesn’t seem to support Mica yet. The leaker also posted instructions on how users can enable it in the latest Preview build. So if you want to try it out, we’ve got you covered.

Note: You will need to run Dev Channel Build 22538 for the following.

How to activate the new task manager in Windows 11

1. Download the open-source program, Vivetool.

Note: Although it hasn’t been updated for a long time, it works on the latest preview builds.

2. Extract the archive to a folder.

3. Open a command window as an administrator. You can use Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Windows Terminal.

4. Paste the following code into the command window.

vivetool addconfig 35908098 2

How to activate the new task manager in Windows 11

5. Go to task manager and it will have the new interface with Fluent Design.

new task manager in windows 11

6. Use the following command to toggle the alternate theme, which has a toolbar at the top.

7. If you want to enable dark theme for task manager, this code will toggle it.

vivetool addconfig 37204171 2

To undo changes, use the delconfig command. for example vivetool delconfig 35908098 2

This will restore the old task manager. You’ll need to run the command for each configuration you’ve enabled, so if you’ve tried all three styles, you should remove them all.

Introducing the New Task Manager

new task manager - windows 11 - sidebar

The app ditches the menu bar in favor of a sidebar, it houses the same options: processes, performance, app history, startup apps, users, details, services. The tabs are functionally identical to the old task manager, and there is a new toolbar for each tab to access the corresponding options, for example the Services tab toolbar allows you to start/stop services quickly. The alternate interface shows the computer name, although it appears to be a placeholder because it identifies the system as Surface Pro 8. Icons on the panel show CPU, GPU, memory, disk and network at a glance. .

In addition to tabs, the new Task Manager has a Settings screen where you can set the tool’s theme color, and there are three options to choose from: Light, Dark, or Use System Setting. Select a tab to use as the default screen when you open Task Manager. The utility’s other options can be used to set real-time update speed and window management.

New Fluid Design Task Manager in Windows 11 Dark Theme

Should you use the new task manager? It looks cool, but I wouldn’t recommend using it right now, because it’s slow, and I mean really slow. It’s almost like a concept app, you might want to wait for Microsoft to optimize its performance and announce its availability for Insiders. Maybe it will come with the summer update, named Sun Valley 2?

Do you like the new Windows 11 Task Manager?


How to activate the new task manager in Windows 11

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How to activate the new task manager in Windows 11

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Windows 11 has a new Task Manager, and here’s how you can try it out in the Insider Preview dev channel.




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