Garage offers discounts for residents of Johnson County


JOHNSON COUNTY, Indiana – A Johnson County auto garage is offering to do vehicle maintenance and other minor repairs at the cost of parts for a group of residents.

The garage is connected to Stones Crossing Church in Greenwood.

It helps those who cannot afford expensive and unexpected repairs.

“Ultimately our goal is to help people stay safe on the roads,” said Charlie Polcher, founder of Stones Auto Service.

Volunteer mechanics do the work.

“[They do] just about anything you can do in a shop that doesn’t require major specialist tools or long hours of work, ”said volunteer mechanic Jack Foth.

They do this for single parents, widows and the elderly on fixed incomes.

“So you’ve got this single mom trying to get to work every day and her car starts making noise, she’s going to keep driving it that way because she has to get to work and has to bring her kids.” at school. Said Polcher.

They operate Tuesday by appointment from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., and only charge the cost of parts.

“The average repair order for a vehicle in the United States is over $ 600. And not everyone just has an extra $ 600 to deposit in the blink of an eye to fix their car. “

It’s a service people like Erin Jackson are grateful for.

“It helps me save money,” Jackson said.

She is a single mother of two and says she has been going there for about two years after a friend recommended it to her.

“I had an engine check light on and needed the brakes. And she said to me, ‘Oh, I know this really cool place, it’s a nonprofit, they can do XY and Z,’ ”Jackson said.

Terri Thorpe says she has been going there since her husband died.

“It was a blessing, because of the finances,” Thorpe said. “When my husband died, I was not working. And I took care of him, so it helped me a lot.

She brought her friend Marie Fauris, who says the store runs her 21-year-old van.

“Anytime the brakes or the oil, or things like that go wrong, I’m here,” Fauris said.

The garage celebrates its 5th anniversary in September. So far, they have made 1,500 repairs and donated nearly 30 vehicles.

It’s a faith-based organization, and that’s all the work Polcher says they’ve been called to do.

“It’s one way I felt I could use some of the skills God blessed me to serve our neighbors, love our neighbors to meet a very tangible need in our community. ”

You can make an appointment here on their site.


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