Festive message from the Secretary of Health to staff


Sincere thanks to the health, social services and social work staff.

As Scotland faces one of its most difficult winters, Health Secretary Humza Yousaf praised the continued courage, commitment and professionalism of our health, social services and labor staff social.

In his Christmas message, Mr. Yousaf said:

“This year has been an incredible race to get ahead of COVID-19 with a vaccination program that has been the largest peacetime logistics operation Scotland has ever seen. As we strive for recovery, we have had to adapt and respond to new variations, following constantly updated guidelines to account for the course of this pandemic.

“Everyone working in health, social services and social work has continued to provide exemplary care under the most difficult circumstances, saving lives and protecting our NHS at a high cost, both personally and professional.

“You continue to be extraordinary in responding to unprecedented demands, providing service in often new and often unknown ways. I have heard first hand from some of you about the impact that working under pandemic conditions has had. And I want to sincerely thank you for all that you have done and continue to do during this difficult time.

“We will only overcome the challenges ahead if we take care of our most valuable asset – the people who provide care during this pandemic. Your well-being, wherever you work in the industry, is a key priority.

“Now more than ever, it is essential to look after yourself and your colleagues, and to provide support so that you can take the time you need to access local wellness resources. and national available.

“To complement the help available to you locally, we also offer a range of services through the National Wellbeing Hub, including a 24/7 National Wellness Hotline, confidential mental health via the specialized workforce service and coaching for the Well-being resources.

“I implore you to speak up if you or a colleague needs support. You are doing a wonderful job and deserve our help in return.

“The pandemic has been the most significant challenge the NHS has faced in its 73 year history. We know that is not over yet, and that the new Omicron variant and other pressures will continue to impact us for some time.

“We hope this Christmas is not as restrictive as it was last year, but we ask everyone to play their part in helping to suppress the virus by limiting their socialization as much as possible. It’s about saving lives and supporting all of you in the work you do. Because we will overcome this virus if we work together and think carefully about how our actions might impact others.

“I want to share my sincere gratitude for all that you continue to do to support and care for the people of Scotland, and take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.”


The National Pole of Well-being provides a range of self-care and wellness resources for all staff, unpaid caregivers, volunteers and their families to enhance personal resilience and point to relevant mental health and support services . https://wellbeinghub.scot/

24/7 National Wellness Hotline (0800 111 4191) offers a compassionate and empathetic listening service, as well as advice, signage and referral to local services (including other areas of the Council) if needed.

the Workforce specialist service provides confidential mental health assessment and treatment to regulated health and social service professionals. https://wellbeinghub.scot/the-workforce-specialist-service-wss/


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