Entrust the management of the UN to Elon Musk, let it be done!


United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Director David Beasley recently said on a TV show that Tesla CEO Elon Musk could end world hunger with just 2% of his wealth (around $ 6 billion).

In response to Beasley, Musk offered to sell $ 6 billion of Tesla stock and donate it to the United Nations Food Agency if it could show how the money would solve world hunger.

Beasley replied that $ 6 billion will not solve world hunger, but will prevent geopolitical instability, massive migration and save 42 million people from the brink of hunger. He said the coronavirus is an unprecedented crisis and a perfect storm due to war and climate crises.

However, in trying to listen to some populist voices, Beasley not only sent the ball into his own goal, but he also questioned the functionality of the UN he represents. Because, as Musk reminded him during their battle of words, the UN raised $ 8.4 billion in 2020. Given the growing hunger Beasley pointed out, the greater amount of money raised by The UN shouldn’t have been used effectively, right.

Or worse, the UN administration, of which the vast majority of states, including the developed economies of the world, are members, is used to working as an aid agency that saves the day but not as a global organization that saves the day. provides structural solutions.

The UN is trying to get rid of its responsibilities which it cannot assume when it has political and even military power, by blaming a free entrepreneur for creating jobs. The organization is populist and very arrogant. It doesn’t even bother if someone comes out and asks the UN powers, “So why are you sitting in these seats?”

After all, if an “inventor” like Musk is to take all the risks and pay with the money he has earned, should the official UN bureaucrats, who have failed in their essential duties, not have to sacrifice a little their comfort

The UN is not courageous

Don’t worry, I’m not going to say that Beasley and other UN administrators should devote 2% of their wealth to fighting hunger. I am not a child. I know that world hunger is not caused by a lack of resources but by income inequality caused by the political and economic choices of the superpowers represented at the UN It can be difficult for them to be courageous and fair, but at least they should not try to hide this fact and mislead the public in order to protect their seats in the UN bureaucracy and their political power.

We are talking about the death of children, starvation, serious things that should not be laughed at.

In the meantime, I wish they could convince Elon Musk to work for the UN administration. The organization, invisible on the ground, could fulfill its true function after having held summit after summit. Problems that haven’t been solved in New York for years can be solved in Texas.

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