District 2 Councilman Files 6 CCRs, Outlining Policy Vision – The City of San Antonio


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SAN ANTONIO (January 25, 2022) –Council Member Jalen McKee-Rodriguez has filed a series of Council Consideration Requests (CCRs) to promote community safety, well-being and equity throughout the city of San Antonio. CCRs will be reviewed and presented by staff before committees of City Council and may eventually become City policies or ordinances if approved by the full City Council.

Following the approval of a CPS rate increase, Council Member for District 2 filed a CCR proposing that CPS and SAWS consider a CPS/SAWS rate freeze for the elderly and disabled, with particular attention for veterans with disabilities. “My community is gravely concerned about the most vulnerable populations in our city, including the elderly and people with disabilities,” the District 2 Councilor remarked. “When we have the opportunity, we should work with our rate advisory committee, city staff and the community to protect those deeply burdened by the rising cost of living.”

Originally proposed in the fiscal year 2022 budget cycle, District 2 is also proposing the creation of an Office of Crime Prevention and Recidivism that strategically addresses the root causes of crime and makes policy and budget recommendations from a proactive perspective.

A third CCR seeks to expand the city’s payday loan ordinance, originally championed by former councilman Diego Bernal to apply current regulations to predatory signings and personal loans.

CCR co-sponsored by Councilwoman Ana Sandoval discusses a food access master plan. “When people don’t have access to healthy food, their health suffers,” the District 7 Councilwoman said. “The City has made tremendous strides in expanding access to healthy food, but there is still a lot of work to do. A food access master plan will prepare San Antonio for a stronger, healthier future.

The CCR Animal Care Services Blueprint, co-sponsored by District 6 Councilmember Melissa Cabello Havrda, directs the city department to review current policies and procedures and come up with strategies to increase the live release rate. “I have a special interest in animal care services because the work ACS does is so important to our entire community and because the corporate headquarters is located in District 6,” the councilwoman said. “This blueprint is overdue, and the detailed review and community input it calls for will make us all better and more compassionate stewards of our beloved animal companions.”

Finally, to proactively address the impacts of displacement, CCR co-sponsored Advisor Phyllis Viagran is asking staff to consider conducting a displacement impact assessment earlier in the awarding of development contracts. “I’m excited to take this next step in the process of ensuring that growth happens in a thoughtful way and that we have housing opportunities for all San Antonians,” the councilwoman said.


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