Destiny community plagued by copyright takedowns, Bungie insists it’s not them


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We have insisted for years that the way copyright is currently enforced on online platforms is wide open to abuse and error. Between all the collateral damage created by automated copyright bots and all the scams used to silence critics or baselessly collect revenue from the work of others, there’s simply more of this nonsense than most. people don’t think so.

The question was first raised in this Reddit thread last week, when it was noticed that the work of a number of prominent destiny “music archivists” has been deleted. This is a particularly sore point for the community, as their channels helped preserve the soundtracks of content items, both destiny games – which were no longer available in the games themselves.

But sometimes this kind of thing happens with a very popular good or service, which allows us to show the general public how much of a problem this all is. In this case, we’re talking about how the Destiny community is being criticized for copyright takedowns on YouTube videos.

Things escalated from there over the next few days, with more and more soundtrack videos being removed from the channels of more and more community members and creators. Then the teardowns even started to extend to clips people had uploaded of cutscenes from the game that simply had bits of the soundtrack playing in the background.

Thus, a band of fans of destiny who seek to preserve the games’ now-defunct music find that their videos have disappeared and their accounts are facing copyright strikes. It won’t surprise you to learn at once that the community was pretty pissed off about all of this and immediately started pointing fingers at Bungie and CSC, a subsidiary of Bungie. But when the noise got loud enough, well, things got weird.

Yeah, that’s Bungie saying that not only is it not the one removing all that content, but even his the chains were affected. Now, as others have already pointed out, you might notice the neat wording of this tweet. That word “request” does a lot of work, as it leaves the door open to an automated system that Bungie has chosen to use.

So, while we don’t yet know if this falls into the category of collateral damage of the automated system or the category of fraudulent copyright removal, we do know that there is something wrong with how this all works. And yet, you can rest assured that anything substantial is unlikely to be done about it.

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