Coronavirus: latest information on the COVID-19 epidemic in the community – Tuesday, December 14


6.30 p.m. – The following is a police update on checkpoints in Auckland and Northland:

Over two million vehicles stopped at Auckland border checkpoints

For 100 days, police and defense personnel and iwi volunteers were at the front line of checkpoints north and south of Auckland, in contact with drivers and ensuring compliance with health orders in place.

Since September 6, more than 2.1 million vehicles have been stopped at checkpoints and overall compliance has been very high with only 0.9% of vehicles returned because those in circulation did not meet the requirements. .

In addition to the 2.1 million vehicles, since September 17, staff at checkpoints have also stopped more than 140,000 heavy vehicles, of which 1.8% were returned for non-compliance.

With the change to the boundary settings in Auckland, the checkpoints will be removed from midnight tonight.

“It has been three long months for our staff working at checkpoints, sometimes working under very difficult conditions. They have played an important role in keeping our communities safe in a pandemic environment and helping to stop the spread of COVID- 19, ”said Deputy Commissioner Richard Chambers.

Police officers from all over Tāmaki Makaurau worked at the checkpoints and these numbers were increased by additional police officers from across the country.

“I would like to thank and thank all of the staff who worked at the checkpoints and also thank those traveling for their patience while checking documents.”

The dismantling of the northern and southern border checkpoints will take place this evening and is expected to take a few hours.

Those wishing to leave town at midnight can expect delays.

We will have a number of employees in the area who will monitor traffic and make sure everyone is safe on our roads.

Once the checkpoints are cleared, random spot checks will be in place at Auckland’s North and South exits, and the Waikato Police District is ready to do the same.

Northland Community Compliance Checkpoints

Community compliance checkpoints in Northland will be put in place in two locations when the new COVID-19 (traffic light system) protection framework takes effect at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

While the new traffic light system offers more freedoms, health order requires people traveling from Auckland to other areas to be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID test within the previous 72 hours.

Residents of Northland and residents from areas outside of Auckland may be asked to show proof of address.

The checkpoints will be located in Uretiti on SH1 and on SH12 in Maungaturoto from 11.59pm on Tuesday 14 December and will be reserved for northbound traffic.

Police and Waka Kotahi will have traffic management plans in place to move traffic through checkpoints as efficiently as possible, but there may be delays, so please factor this into your travel plans.

Police personnel from inside and outside the Northland District will manage the checkpoints with the support of police recruits from the Royal New Zealand Police College and representatives from Iwi.

Representatives from Iwi who volunteered at checkpoints were screened by the police and received training on their roles.

The Community Compliance Checkpoints were established following concerns from Iwi leaders about the potential risk of COVID-19 having a particularly harsh impact on their vulnerable communities.

“As a result of discussions with iwi, we have determined that the fixed checkpoints and spot checks provide an appropriate level of reassurance to ensure the safety of residents and visitors,” said the Northland District Commander’s Superintendent, Tony Hill.

Visitors to Northland will be reminded of travel restrictions and checks will be made to ensure restrictions are being observed.

We will also work with visitors to remind them of the means to ensure their safety and that of their regional hosts: vaccination, face covering and scanner.

Community compliance checkpoints are run by the police.

Only the police have the power to stop vehicles and issue notices of violation.

Our staff will work closely with volunteers to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible.

This means that not all vehicles will be checked, but motorists should plan ahead and make sure they have the correct documentation ready to show our staff.

Delivery trucks and service vehicles will be exempt from checkpoints to minimize queues.

Community compliance checkpoints will be in place for a short time when the bulk of travel is planned, and will be replaced by spot checks and reinsurance visits.

It is important to remember that the pandemic is not over and that we are migrating into a new process that will require patience and understanding on all sides.


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