Connect IT Global 2022 promises product improvements and innovations


Celebrating its 15th year, Kaseya’s annual event promises to provide important updates and product news.

KASEYA CONNECT IT GLOBAL — Kaseya has taken an important step. Le géant du logiciel célèbre le 15e anniversaire de sa célèbre Connecting IT globally event starting today. The event, taking place June 20-23 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will feature several new innovations and announcements.

This will include advancements to the Kaseya One platform. Kaseya One allows technicians to simultaneously view all their Kaseya solutions. It also gives them the ability to browse additional comprehensive modules, check support tickets, and access help documentation from one location. Plus, IT pros can view statement summaries with invoices, agents, software seats, and license renewals all in one place.

Kaseya’s Fred Voccola

“Connect IT Global is packed with everything IT professionals need to optimize their businesses, from award-winning experts to administrator certifications that provide technicians with the latest information on the Kaseya solutions they use every day. Nous avons tout mis en œuvre pour notre quinzième anniversaire ! said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “Our goal is to help technicians eliminate the ‘gap in between’, and this year’s features and integrations, like our best-in-class Kaseya One platform and Cooper AI technology, ensure our customers are more efficient and more profitable than ever.

Here’s a look at some of the product enhancements and workflow integrations that will be announced at the event. It will also be interesting to hear what is being said about the Kaseya/Datto acquisition that was announced last March.

Look for our detailed coverage of these updates and ads next week on Connect IT Global!

Highlights of the Connect IT Global 2022 event

  • The Future of the IT Industry Keynote from Kaseya CEO, Fred Voccola: This talk will provide attendees with insight into the future of technology spending. It will also cover how MSPs and internal IT departments can get the most out of their IT budgets.

Key Product Enhancements

Unified RMM

  • VSA Domain Watch improvement to support Microsoft Azure Directory: This new improvement allows IT professionals to use VSA to automatically discover users, computers, groups and administrative units of Azure Active Directory. It will also allow policies management, facilitating the management of hybrid work environments.
  • Information Center 2.0: VSA Information Center 2.0 will include a brand new gear generation engine. This will include a reconstruction of all report models to meet modern requirements. This includes layouts, fonts and graphics for easier user experience.
  • Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) Preview: This new preview mode feature gives users a preview of VSA’s MDM-enabled future.
  • Omni-Device Remote Management: VSA’s new Omni-Device Remote Management feature enables remote control of any device. Ceci indépendamment du fait qu’un agent y ait été déployé.

Computer documentation

  • computer glue Integration with Microsoft InTune and Azure: The latest IT Glue integrations are designed to give technicians a complete picture of their IT environment across hardware, network and mobile devices. This facilitates user management in remote work settings.


  • New compliance management models for Cyber ​​Essentials and Essential 8 in GRC Compliance Manager: To help IT professionals better comply with standards across the world, Compliance Manager GRC has added Cyber ​​Essentials (UK), Essential 8 (AU).


  • RapidFire Tools Allows partners to obtain more information from their data. This includes the ability to filter key data points and export them to data warehousing tools such as Microsoft Power BI.


  • Authenticated scans in VulScan: IT pros can drill down into high-value targets that require login credentials to access. Special automated analysis tasks can be configured for these devices. This automatically authenticates Vulscan to carry out complete analyzes of internal vulnerabilities.
  • Automate the delivery of reports in ID officerDark Web ID’s: MSPs can send monthly or quarterly Dark Web ID reports to their customers directly with this new report delivery automation feature. Cela réduit les listes de tâches et garantit des rapports cohérents.

Backup and disaster recovery

  • Unit trends Backupiq improvements: Unitrends exclusive backupiq technology continuously monitors bugs. This is anything that could compromise data and system recoverability, security, or backup performance. When a potential problem is identified, the…

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