Community holds rally to support Hazard High School amid controversy


HAZARD, Ky. (FOX 56 / WKYT) – This is unacceptable – this is the reaction of Kentucky state leaders to what happened at Hazard High School.

The high school athletics department posted photos showing teens in lingerie and teenage girls in Hooters outfits on their Facebook page.

They have since been withdrawn.

The superintendent says disciplinary action has been taken, but we do not know what they are.

While all of this is going on, the Hazard community showed their support for the school by hosting a rally Thursday night at Triangle Park.

The students sang and told stories in defense of their principal, Happy Mobelini, who also appeared briefly at the rally.

There is a sign that says “We love you happy”. There appear to be several student signatures on the sign.

While there were parents who were upset with the congregation and what they called inappropriate actions, there were parents and students who said it had all been exaggerated.

Dozens of students and parents were in Triangle Park to spread this message. However, they collectively denied participating in any interviews when we offered them the opportunity to provide their perspective on the situation.

We know from a statement by Independent Superintendent Hazard that “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” following an investigation of this assembly.

However, they say it is a personnel matter and that they are not allowed to release any other information.

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