Colleague, I don’t know any spies on my social networks


DEAR HARRIETTE: I have caught my coworker snooping on my social media profiles several times, but she never tells me anything.

Harriette cole

She never introduced herself to me at work or even followed or contacted me on social media; she just noses.

I can’t imagine what this strange behavior is about. Should I tell him something? I feel like she’s a little malicious or sneaky or something.

Say hello

DEAR SAY HELLO: Here is your chance to be proactive. You have several options. You can choose her posts to like or comment on so that she clearly knows she’s looking at you – and you, in turn, are looking at her.

If you are back at the office, you can go to his office and talk to him. Tell her that you noticed her checking your social media and thought it might be better to get to know each other in person. If you are still only virtual, contact electronically and offer a virtual café where you will get to know each other.

Beyond that, know that anything you post on social media is public information. Maybe this woman is just trying to get a feel for who you are. Trust that she is probably not the only person doing this. Only post what you feel comfortable showing others.


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