Coffee Briefing, July 13, 2021 – Launch of the visa remittance service in Canada; Pinterest bans weight loss ads; and more

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Visa partners with Global Payments and Desjardins to roll out Visa payments in Canada

Today, Visa announced its partnership with payment technology and software solutions provider Global Payments and the North American financial cooperative group Desjardins to offer Visa payments to participating Canadian merchants and eligible credit card holders.

Launched by Visa Canada last month, Visa Payments is a new option to convert qualifying purchases made with a qualifying credit card into smaller, equal payments made over a set period of time.

Visa says Global Payments allows its merchant customers to offer Visa payment options to eligible consumers with a single integration, without having to sign up for a new service. Eligible credit cardholders can choose to use the service at the point of purchase, with their existing credit card. In addition, issuers enabled for Visa payouts will be able to offer payout options to their credit cardholders at participating Global Payments merchants.

In collaboration with Visa and Global Payments, Desjardins will be among the first to allow Visa payments and to offer the service to eligible cardholders at participating merchants.

Until last month, Scotiabank and CIBC were the only two Canadian issuers to announce that they would use Visa’s installment capacity to offer their Visa credit card. While Scotiabank has announced that it will roll out the Visa Payout service for its clients in August 2021, CIBC has announced its intention to launch the service for CIBC cardholders in early 2022.

A recent study by Visa Canada found that almost the majority of Canadians (47%) think flexible payment options are now more important than ever. Installment payments represent a growing share of the payments market, accounting for over C $ 1.7 trillion of the global payments volume. This momentum has been reflected in the Canadian market with disbursement adoption up 30 percent in the past year alone, with in-country payout potential expected to be around $ 50 billion per year. . With the introduction of Visa installment payments, Visa Canada says it is “equipping merchants to meet this growing customer demand.”

Ontario-Based Company Among Australian Government Blockchain Pilot Grant Recipients

Convergence.Tech, a global consultancy and technology company based in Toronto, Ont., Is one of two recipients of the Australian Government’s Blockchain Pilot Grants, Australia’s Minister of Industry, Science and Technology said, Christian Porter, July 12.

These grants aim to study the ability of blockchain to improve the productivity of Australia’s critical minerals and food and beverage sectors, and would help accelerate Australia’s adoption of blockchain technology and help businesses to solve real-world problems, according to the minister.

Blockchain is a digital ledger system that records transactions such as the movement of goods through a supply chain in a way that is extremely difficult to change or ‘hack’ because information is duplicated across a network of computers. .

Australian Government Invests Over A $ 5.6 Million In Blockchain Pilot Grants Program; Convergence.Tech received A $ 2.66 million to use blockchain technology to help automate key reporting processes under the excise system, a commodity-based tax on goods, including beer and spirits. The Australian government says it will help companies in the industry reduce the compliance costs associated with creating, storing and transporting their products.

These grants are funded under the Australian Government’s Digital Business Program, which was announced in the 2020-21 Federal Budget, and align directly with the government’s National Blockchain Roadmap, which was published in February 2020. [Full announcement here]

Pinterest bans all weight loss ads in new policy

Body image has become a huge issue facing people of all ages around the world as social media tends to create unrealistic body expectations.

Pinterest, an app often used for photo and lifestyle inspiration, is taking action on this issue and updating all of its app policies to ban ads with weight loss images and language, a move that actually the only social media platform to ban weight loss ads.

As of July, the updated Pinterest policy, developed with advice and guidance from the National Eating Disorders Association, a U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing eating disorders, guiding treatment, and improving education and understanding of eating, weight and weight disorders body image, not allowed :

  • Weight loss imagery and language
  • Testimonials on weight loss products
  • Imagery and language idealizing a certain body type
  • Any reference to body mass index (BMI)
  • Any product that promotes weight loss and “claims weight loss by something worn or applied to the skin”.

It is an extension of already banned advertising content that includes before and after weight loss photos, claims of unrealistic cosmetic results, weight loss procedures, and any body-shaming language or imagery. [Full announcement here]

IBM will acquire third cloud service company in one year

Last week IBM announced plans to acquire BoxBoat Technologies, a DevOps consultancy and Kubernetes Certified Enterprise Services Provider that helps commercial and public sector businesses achieve their digital transformation by delivering software faster.

With this acquisition, IBM has announced plans to expand its container strategy and implementation services portfolio to further advance its hybrid cloud strategy and accelerate the adoption of Red Hat OpenShift globally.

BoxBoat to join IBM’s hybrid cloud services business Global Business Services business consulting arm, which deals with software services and IT consulting. This news follows IBM’s acquisition of cloud service companies – Nordcloud and Taos – which closed in the first quarter of 2021. [Full news release here]

ICYMI – IT World Canada

Kaseya says all cloud customers are back online [Full story]

Kaseya has successfully deployed security patches to the cloud and on-premises versions of its VSA remote computer monitoring platform to combat a ransomware attack, without reporting serious issues.

Ceridian launches on-demand payment solution in Canada [Full story]

Ceridian announced the Canadian launch of Dayforce Wallet, a compensation solution that gives employees on-demand access to their earned wages at no cost to the employer or employee.

Ookla announces video speed test for Android [Full story]

Internet analytics company Ookla has extended its Speedtest Internet Performance Tool to include video quality for Android devices.

ICYMI – IT Companies Canada

CIBC chooses Microsoft Azure as primary cloud platform [Full story]

the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) formalized a multi-year relationship with Microsoft designate Microsoft Azure as the main cloud platform.

Ontario Telecom Company Partners with Cisco to Launch Hosted Voice with Webex [Full story]

Beanfield Metroconnect has partnered with Cisco to start Hosted Voice with Webex, an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration experience, to provide a geo-redundant carrier-grade BroadWorks backend with WebEx cloud collaboration infrastructure.

TickTockTech’s exclusive provider and installer for CyberGood Security’s live ransomware detection and mitigation service [Full story]

On-site on-demand technical support service TickTockTech has partnered with CyberGood Security to become the exclusive supplier and installer of HackSweep, a cyber alarm system and monitoring service that provides 24/7 live protection. / 7 against different types of cyber threats.

ICYMI – Daily Channel News

Ingram Micro Cloud and SyncOrg Launch Program to Help Partners Maximize AWS Practices [Full story]

Ingram Micro Cloud, a global division of a US-based IT company Ingram Micro, has partnered with digital transformation consulting firm SyncOrg to launch a customized Partner Transformation Program (PTP) to help resellers and service providers maximize their Amazon Web Services (AWS) practices.

Cisco Updates Partner Program, Including Integrator and Supplier Roles [Full story]

Cisco released new role requirements for the integrator and vendor roles in its partner program and provided updates on the progression of the developer and advisor roles.

IBM Kyndryl spin-off announces global leadership [Full story]

Kyndryl, the independent company resulting from the separation of the managed infrastructure services business from IBM, announced global leadership that will steer the spin-off company into the future.

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