City and County Launch Next Steps for Future of Pack Square Plaza


The City of Asheville is seeking a Project Manager for the Pack Square Plaza Project

The City of Asheville and Buncombe County are partnering to document the community’s vision for the future of Pack Square Plaza, including the site where the Vance Monument once stood, and we need a Chief of talented project to achieve this. A Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified candidates to manage the project that we are posting today. The project manager will ultimately be responsible for producing a vision document that captures community perspectives on this area. It should include detailed guidance on how space design, programming, and management can become more equitable and inclusive for all residents and visitors, and include strategies that support achieving this vision.

Our vision for Pack Square Plaza

This project is a continuation of the work initiated by the signing of a joint County Commission and City Council resolution to establish the Vance Monument Task Force in the summer of 2020. The findings of this initiative led to the signing of a City Council resolution in March 2021 to remove the monument and commit funds to a planning process for the future of the site.

The Project Manager’s first tasks will be to finalize a communications and engagement plan that activates various individuals, groups and organizations across Buncombe County. To ensure success, this plan must also identify additional help needed in the areas of community organizing, communications, public art, planning, design, history, parks and recreation. . A collaborative community engagement and planning process is expected to begin in April this year and last 6-9 months.

The Friends of Buncombe County Special Collections and the Asheville Public Art and Culture Commission are helping to launch this effort. To ensure the process can start in April, these groups will reinterpret and update existing Pack Square models displayed at the Pack Memorial Library, create an online directory of resources that revisit the site’s history, and create a new narrative for Pack Square Plaza and open a temporary public arts, history and culture program that encourages diverse interpretations of the square’s past, present and future through inclusive programming.

Where to apply:

The deadline for submitting proposals to the RFP Project Manager is Friday, February 11. Interested parties can find the announcement on the City’s submission page:

Questions regarding the position or the project can be directed to Steph Monson Dahl of the City’s Urban Design and Place Strategies Division.


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