Cheese Curds, 12/15: Rodgers just handles the pain, Rasul Douglas keeps playing


It’s anything but official now: Rasul Douglas is a real starting cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. This was demonstrated on Sunday against the Chicago Bear, as he started the game as right cornerback against Eric Stokes. More important than this “start” status, however, is the fact that Douglas played all but three of the snaps in the game, despite Kevin King being as healthy as he has been in months.

Of course, Douglas delivered, registering another pick-six plus a second pass break. The media covering the Packers just can’t stop talking about Douglas and his trip to Green Bay – with good reason – and today we have another look at him in today’s Cheese Curds.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ tallest star player on the attacking side of football suffered a slight setback with his broken toe coming out of the week off. Aaron Rodgers was grateful for some free time, but the first game back saw him dealing with additional pain in that toe. Now apparently it’s just about dealing with that pain, which probably means he won’t train much the rest of the season, but then again he’s been very effective with no training time during the season. the last few weeks.

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