129 stray animals recovered by Animal Services since the beginning of July


SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– While most people had fun watching fireworks on the weekend of July 4, many pets struggled.

Angela Yates, director of animal services for Santa Barbara County, said her shelter is still seeing a massive increase in the number of runaway animals this time of year.

“Animals are going to come out of fences, screens because they are trying to get away from the noise,” she said. “It often causes them to get lost and separate from their owners. “

This year was no different, as they have already recovered 129 stray animals – a mix of dogs and cats – since early July.

Of these, 39 additional animals have arrived since Tuesday.

Of the 129 who received, 60 are still waiting at Animal Services for their owners.

“Part of the problem is people don’t know where to look for their animal if it goes missing,” said SBCAS director Angela Yates. “We really want people to understand that our shelters are the place to go to look if you’ve lost your pet. “

It typically costs $ 100 to $ 300 to pick up a pet, but shelters waived the fee until Saturday.

Animals not yet equipped with an electronic chip will also be sent home with a free electronic chip.

“It’s just a tiny little chip that records all of the owner’s information,” Yates explained. “This will allow us to scan the animal, so that we know exactly who it belongs to and can bring it home without it ever having to enter our shelter.”

If people still cannot find the owner of a stray animal, then bringing the animal to Animal Services is the next step.

Pets registered in the county are given an ID tag with a QR code that people can scan to find owner information.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services posts stray animals on a lost and found page, updated every 30 minutes. The animals have a five day wait before being posted for adoption.

To view stray animals at Animal Services, click here.

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