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February 25th, 2008

Probe some anuses

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17 Responses to “Probe some anuses”

  1. Callie Says:

    I’m glad I found your site again, and that it isn’t blocked by my company! I like this one the best so far, but I have a couple of years’ worth of comics to sift through. Hope all is well out on the West Coast.

  2. Jabroney Says:

    Man, I am getting tired of these thinly-veiled racist comics. Why dont you grow up?

  3. Chelsey Says:

    You have to be kidding, right?

  4. QuadHealer Says:

    People ridiculing what they have no idea about. Governments have been contacted – just because you haven’t heard about it does not make it less true. “Anal probing”? Please, that is just disinformation to ridicule people. But of course humans on Earth can easily understand actions and motives of aliens coming from a different world – right? Not! I’m just so sick of this blanket ridicule.

  5. Jansen Dwan Says:

    Photoshopped! You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

  6. LAGLO Says:

    you’re fucking idiots

  7. Jansen Dwan Says:

    LAGLO is fucking smart! You can tell because LAGLO is so articulate.

  8. jim Says:

    haha good comic….damnit i gotta go wash my sisters fuckin pussy juice off my dick, dumb whore

  9. LOGLO Says:

    i wasn’t referring to you jansen dick

  10. this is funny Says:

    but the replies make me wonder about people. Like those other people in grocery stores, muttering indecisively about which products are spreading disease. Who the fuck are those weirdos? Probably these people.
    I mean, technological advancement is always built on the backs of several thousand assholes. Once a race gets to the point of touring the stars, why not skip straight to the assholes? Makes perfect sense to me.
    Or are we just too post post modern for irony anymore?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    wow. . .

  12. Bionicjoe Says:

    I just Stumbled this comment, and thought, “Eh…pretty funny.”

    But then I read the comments. I think the comments were why this was added to StumbleUpon.

    I’m going to invent a new StumbleUpon. One that will tell me where to look or where not to look. But then will StumbleUpon be too post post post modern?

  13. bs Says:

    Being sarcastic and clever in comment boards is humorous and entertaining. *farts*

  14. nik Says:

    these comments make me wonder.. does anyone at all know how to shut the hell up and have a good time?

  15. Jabroney Says:

    Nik – your mom knew how to shut up, and I gave her a good time. Tell her ‘Thanks’. She’ll know why ;)

  16. Chris Says:

    Trolls- 4,929,928

    Other Internet users- 7


  17. Chuckles Says:

    Very true! Makes a canhge to see someone spell it out like that. :)