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July 18th, 2007

wednesday comes after tuesday

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137 Responses to “wednesday comes after tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Haha, I like this one. It reminds me of Dr. Who.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    But.. Germany did lose?

  3. Libby Says:

    haha that’s the point!
    this is funny C: love it

  4. Anonymous Says:

    good one

  5. Eugene Says:

    Haha awesome comic, kinda trippy

  6. I lol'd Says:

    thats great, i took me awhile after reading it to remember wednesday DOES come after tuesday

  7. david Says:

    This joke doesn’t work as a single panel cartoon with only one character.

  8. TheGabe Says:

    Shut up Dave it’s hilarious

  9. hedpe09 Says:

    i dont get it, seriously wtf? how does this make sense at all?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    That’s not a TARDIS!

  11. Anonymous Says:


  12. smithers Says:

    This is seriously retarded. I did not laugh once.
    If i was on my deathbed and needed a good laugh you would have just killed me

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, you guys are dumb. Its funny because those things ARE true. Its like saying the only reason that germany lost and wednesday comes after tuesday is BECAUSE he went back in time… its an intelligent joke… which i guess is too much for some people

  14. Devaney Says:

    Jesus, how dumb does someone have to be to not get this joke?!

  15. Mark Says:

    Ha Ha, that is too awesome… And I second on the Wednesday thing….When I read the title I spaced out on the fact that it does come after Tuesday!

  16. T Paine Says:

    Hahahahaha so good. Just being a comic nazi you should of put the tuesday before the wednesday in the comic as the placement of the words tripped me and a lot of other people out.

  17. bintey Says:

    OMG, you ve gotta tell me how you got that machine to work…god knows i ve tried

  18. Anonymous Timelord Says:

    **Anonymous says:
    >>That’s not a TARDIS!

  19. Anonymous Timelord Says:

    Certainly can be. Chameleon Circuit?

  20. trevor Says:

    Thank you for your (mostly) constructive criticism.
    I probably should’ve just made the time machine look exactly like in Dr. Who or made it something completely different, not just something slightly different.
    T Paine – not sure about that. I like the Wednesday AFTER Tuesday thing precisely because it throws you off a bit. Everyone obviously knows the outcome of WWII and that will lead them to re-evaluate the second part if they are paying attention.

  21. Gísli Says:

    Brilliant :D

  22. flurgleBurgle Says:

    Lol don’t know whats funnier. the comic or the idiots that don’t understand humor

  23. amaranta Says:

    shut up and appreciate the cartoon. this was brilliant.

  24. Steve Says:

    flurgleBurgle Says:
    Lol don’t know whats funnier. the comic or the idiots that don’t understand humor

    The comic sucked… thats why I thought there was something I had overlooked!

  25. eskimokaka » links for 2009-03-17 Says:

    [...] time travel (tags: comic "time travel") [...]

  26. Kim Says:

    Love it just the way it is!! Brilliant! :)

  27. notyerpirate Says:

    i cried a little that people didn’t get this joke.

  28. MIckeyG Says:


  29. ATTN: UPLOADER Says:

    oh dear. this is a really bad joke guys..

  30. ATTN: UPLOADER Says:

    This Just In : The Joke sucked.

  31. Zero Says:

    Thumbs up on StumbleUpon so that more intelligent, funny-loving people can come across this. Good show, man.

    Also: notyerpirate = +1

  32. OutInLF2 Says:

    This was an excellent comic. Anyone who didn’t understand it or didn’t think it was funny: put your helmets back on because you are clearly retarded.

  33. trevor Says:

    Thank you everyone for your [mostly] kind comments. I am thinking that I will probably start writing comics again now that I have concrete proof that someone cares.

  34. Anon Says:

    Anon here, thanks for the lulz.

  35. Pat Says:

    Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that this is a joke…? i guess we’ll just never know…

  36. anonymous Says:

    But Tuesday comes before Wednesday. Six days before, in fact.

  37. Gabe Says:

    that was funny. the fact that Germany lost, and that Wensday comes after Tuesday proves he was succesful!

  38. adsfadfgsg Says:

    Are you implying that if the nazis had won then we would have mastered time travel? For the last time, fascism does not breed good science.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    oh i get it ……its just not funny

  40. Anonymous Says:

    # anonymous Says:
    March 18th, 2009 at 11:22 am

    “But Tuesday comes before Wednesday. Six days before, in fact.”

    That’s only the case if you’re retarded and don’t know when the week starts or ends

  41. Anonymous Says:

    A complete masterpiece , i’m still laughing , omfg ,,i just pissed my pants ,,,,,,NOT !!!

  42. stumblebum Says:

    Hilarious! Can’t believe there are some who either didn’t get it or weren’t amused.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    you did not realy do a good job…

  44. tj Says:

    not funny in a LOL way, but I still liked it a lot. There is something confusing about the “tonight” part that is not quite right. because while we are reading it, you have not left for your time trip, yet already things have “changed”. Can you change “tonight” to “last night”? Still confusing….work on it some more and get back to me. If the cartoon changes by the next time I visit, you will have succeeded….but we will all be wearing swastikas

  45. Pyleic Says:

    TJ; Except, since what he is doing tonight is in the /past/, it’s already over. He could be planning to do it next year, for all we care, because it’s already happened in the WWII-era past. Meaning that he isn’t going to do it, meaning that the Nazis will win, meaning that he’s going to do it, meaning that the Nazi’s lose, meaning.. Oh dear. DON’T DO IT, STICKLYMAN!

  46. Pyleic Says:

    Oh jeez. I made a grammar mistake while referring to the Nazis. At least they’re not the Grammar Nazis?

    ..After /not/ making that mistake half a sentence previously, no less..

  47. Grudge Says:

    If you didn’t get this joke (or didn’t find it remotely amusing) then you either:
    1)Lack the intellectual prerequisites to understand the joke… or
    2)need to exercise your mind regarding humor
    P.S. Can stick man do something about the Bush administration? That would be great!

  48. anonymous Says:

    Two thumbs up. And to you prepubescent fuckwads who dont like it… shut up.

  49. Adelle Says:

    The joke works, and it’s humorous. But don’t let yourself think about it. Time travel jokes/movies/stories always give my brain a bizarre jolt.

  50. . Says:


  51. Adam Says:

    The humorist everywhere knows the saying: Funny because it’s true.

    Well I love great intellectual and stimulating humor as much as the next guy, but this is NOT funny. I’m sorry….I get it, and some people argue for its worth, but it is NOT funny.

  52. Matt Says:

    i don’t think it was meant to be funny, it was meant to advertise time travel.

  53. I liked it Says:

    So there.

  54. кaппИ Says:

    Любопытная тема, продолжайте. Иногда нахожу ответы, которые получить самому просто реально не хватает времени. Спасибо вам огромное!

  55. Rachael Says:

    I thought this was great!
    You’re so sexy.
    Can I have your babies?!
    Call me.

  56. Becca Says:

    You all are IDIOTS. Honestly. It was a decent joke, so appreciate it.
    It’s probably better then all the “your mama” jokes YOU use, anyways!

    Grats on the allusion, I thought it was a decent joke. Props.

  57. katie Says:

    love it.

  58. Oliver Says:

    yeah… its kinda funny. but if he went back in time and changed it, we wouldn’t be able to see the change because we wouldn’t know how everything was in the first place…

  59. fisherman Says:

    I agree with becca…
    if you don’t get this you must be not so smart.

  60. Rowan Watson Says:


  61. rince Says:

    I knew there was something weird about us losing WW II ;)

  62. K Says:

    Wow I am clearly dumb. I read it a couple of times and was like “What?”; 2 years of studying WW2 and I didn’t even take in that Germany DID lose WW2. Oh and that Wednesday IS after Tuesday >.

  63. Kevin Says:

    That’s great!

    For all you slow people the artist picked two things that are already true to make it seem like him going back in time is what made them happen!

  64. Phones Says:

    Oh my God! I got it after 2 minutes of thinking… :D

  65. wow Says:


  66. spike Says:

    he didn’t change history, he changed the future.

  67. Joseph A Nagy Jr Says:

    That is awesome. (:

  68. pligg.com Says:

    time travel

    If Germany loses World War II.

  69. anon Says:


  70. Anonymous Says:

    Clever :)

  71. Leon Says:

    Ha, Now I get it.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    But Germany didn’t win. I don’t get it.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Lol. All you faggots who are explaining this have been trolled in a massive fashion. THIS is win.

  74. no Says:

    nice !!!!!!!!!!

  75. anonymous Says:

    actually that is not a valid insult because the correct term of faggot means: a meatball made of pork
    or a bundle of sticks,twigs, or braches used as a torch
    you might want to get your facts straight before stupidly insulting someone with that deragatory statement my good fellow…

  76. Anonymous Says:

    by the way i love this comic! way to go scarf guy!

  77. the master Says:

    wait holy shit Tuesday actual does come after Wednesday this man is amazing but i must kill him

  78. sarah Says:

    Ha ha!! I get it, good one.
    And I just have to…That doesn’t look like the TARDIS

  79. The Master's Apprentice Says:

    Why are you analyzing it? It’s a joke, you either laugh or you don’t.

    I found it funny.

  80. Woolu Says:

    ATTENTION: Those that dont get it or think its not funny, then its over your head, and your a dumbass.

  81. Miss Who Says:

    I giggled so much it startled my sonic screwdriver.

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! stumbled here from chicago
    funny…but what i got out of it was if germany won the war we would all be able to time travel….?

  83. Emily Q Says:

    Omg, hilarious. And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that so many people didn’t understand this. Some people are absolute idiots. Kudos to you though, it rocks.

  84. first Says:

    wow half you people completely missed the joke. morons

  85. Anonymous Says:


  86. Seriously?! Says:

    How can you NOT understand this joke? If you don’t get it you obviously need to read it over again, or get a brain.

  87. Shane Says:

    What is Wednesday.

  88. aidan Says:

    omg germany so one

  89. aidan Says:

    tuesday is before wendsday and its just fine the way it is so leave it with yor ugly behined self

  90. Marie Says:


  91. Indiana Art Says:

    ACK! Head esplode! O-o
    That leaves me confuzzled.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    hehehehe this made me smile :D

  93. Anonymous Says:

    what is a sonic screwdriver?? just wondering…

  94. captain obvious Says:

    oh my I cant believe how many people don’t get the joke… I pity this world we are doomed. I think it had been better if he’d gone back and stepped on the first autotroph. or maybe he did and that’s why the retard that wont get this comment will bitch about it in caps to a world that doesn’t even care.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    This is great. However, it pisses me off that so many people don’t like it because they’re too fucking stupid to get it. Stupid people need to die.

  96. Damara Says:

    I dont understand why everyone has to be so negative, it does not have to be the funniest thing you have ever wrote in your life, it was clever. Anyone who takes the time to write a dumb stupid comment needs to get over themselves, this was clever, it made me think and put a smile on my face. Thank you to the author :D

  97. smile Says:

    stumbled from Ukraine. it made me laugh until cry :))

  98. Anonymous Says:


  99. Molly Says:

    Stumbled. And I love it. :]

  100. Damara Says:

    I thought this joke was good for a quick smile, People I am sorry if you dont understand, I am sorry if you think it is stupid, but if you didnt like it just dont say anything mean, Good job Trevor! It was amusing and very clever! :D

  101. Brookfire Says:

    Sometimes things like this seriously have me questioning reality.

  102. Brixx Says:

    The strp was funny. That they were so many maroons that don’t get it make it hilarious.

  103. ananoyous Says:

    wow… for those of you who don’t get it.. go FUCK YOURSELVES in your hole with a nine inch cock cause you have nothing better to do

  104. wtf Says:

    what the fuck is your problem ananoyous. you have issues. no one here wants to know about your erotic fantasies. this is a comic, not a porn site, so please, keep your nasty thoughts to yourself… o_O

  105. wtf Says:

    ps… stumbled from Falconer NY, in the US

  106. Anonymous Says:

    the comic gave me a big grin the comments made me wake up the rest of my house

  107. me Says:

    Excellent give me a good laugh

  108. river tam Says:

    lol, i can imagine the Doctor doing that….

  109. Adolf Says:

    Tonite, I’m going back!

  110. Brendan Says:

    Not funnny enough to laugh at. Nice idea.

  111. Marin Says:

    Its not a joke…

  112. Anonymous Says:

    i can’t believe how people couldn’t get this joke.
    for dumb people there should be limitations on the use of the internet.

  113. Eric Says:

    Ha, that was funny!

    PROTIP: For those who don’t get the joke, use your brain.

  114. victoria Says:

    wow this is so boring

  115. Darco Wolf Says:

    Seriously the people who dont get this please grab a gun and pull it to your head and shoot. Chances are you’ll probably miss that too.

  116. Tim Says:

    Time travel jokes always give me a stroke … ;) love it anyway!

  117. Trevor Vos Says:

    Another time travel meta-joke.

  118. Dahunted Says:

    I sware 60% of these comments are dumb ass trolls, awesome comic it was well thought out and ingeniously drawn.

  119. YWAN » Time travel is possible Says:

    [...] wonderfactory Comments (0) [...]

  120. dragonred Says:

    (anonymous said: but germany did lose…)
    yeah, and wednesday comes after tuesday. that’s the joke.

  121. dragonred Says:

    zero said stumbleupon brought him here.
    ME TOO!

  122. tokamak Says:

    “Are you implying that if the nazis had won then we would have mastered time travel? For the last time, fascism does not breed good science.”

    But they didn’t win, he took care of that and thus was able to build a time machine.

  123. fajas colombianas Says:

    There are tons of things to do when time travelling aside from turning wednesday ahead of tuesday

  124. noah Says:

    Well done. I can see the confusion for the following reason: this timeline is not the same as the timeline that this scene occurs. Personally I think it was great… and after it over, I see no way of making it simpler in a humorous way. Keep up the great work.

  125. Reginlief Says:

    This is why! This is why the human population always gets Tuesday and Wednesday mixed up! That bastard!

  126. Anonymous Says:

    High brow humor seems to almost a lost art………I love the strip,, it’s SIMPLY brilliant, and refreshing

  127. tuffycat54 Says:

    I’m still laughing at “peccable comic timing”

  128. Sassy Says:

    Wow… I didn’t think it was possible for so many people to NOT understand the joke here…
    lol. Made me laugh. :p

  129. Kossa Says:

    Awesome comic, and great respect for using intelligent humour (it’s going the same way as common sense these days). Makes people think a bit, it seems, and not all get it first time round. If Germany had won the war, I don’t see how time travel could be so out of the question… after all, the technology that brought about the cold war was derived and learnt from German technology that they’d already been using for years! Also, we’re already able to ‘teleport’ photons and information, so with their technological superiority they may well have already got there by now. ^_^

  130. Kossa Says:

    P.S. Please keep writing your strips and don’t get discouraged by the over-represented haters out there. Everyone has them but you don’t write for them – you write for us! Love your work. :p

  131. Bobbe Says:

    People need to calm down about it not being funny. It’s a fucking joke. It’s humorous, and amusing, but not lung-collapsingly hilarious. The comic was funny and cool, and if you don’t get it… kill yourself.

  132. crakkityjones Says:

    You know I went back in time if thursday comes before friday, and sunday comes two days after.

  133. Duncan Says:

    it’s quite funny, but i can’t believe how ~#*&%$ing thick some people can be. its a very simple joke really

  134. Victor Felix Alvarez Says:

    hahah man this was awesome. i cant believe people are lost on this. so easy to understand

  135. Anonymous Says:

    The great physicist who created practical time travel spent years afterwards doing serious scientific work with it before he thought to use his invention for more personal ends.
    He decided to travel back in time and warn himself not to fuck the girl who gave him herpes.
    He planned his proactive mission very meticulously, and upon meeting his former self, was very careful not to change anything other than what he specifically intended. He did his best to describe to his adolescent self the woman, though it had happened when he was so young he was fuzzy on some details. After being assured that the situation would be avoided, he returned to his appropriate time.
    Back in his “true” time, he went to see his regular doctor, in whom he confided everything, and asked if he had herpes. The doctor replied, “no.”
    Success! Now emboldened, he began to think of other minor historical revisions he could make until his doctor added, “…but I don’t know why a virgin like you would even be worried about that.”

  136. Anonymous Says:

    just wrote that one to reply to the thread. not bad, huh?

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